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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
While my goal was to get a conversation going with newer members, I was under the impression that the general discussion section was open to any and all members, new or established, to use freely.
Yes, it is.

Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
I wouldn't have thought that limiting the discussion in any way, including to only newer members, was either desirable or possible.
I see nothing wrong with only wanting to hear from people new to poly (or do you mean new to being a member of this forum?). That's what it sounded like when you asked, "How do some of the rest of you newbies see your journey and envision your destination?" I myself started one of the threads I linked to, and that is specifically for solo poly people to discuss what they want. It is not meant for those poly people who are married or in established partnerships. Sometimes people want feedback from others who are part of a specific audience, and that's fine. A few examples: we have threads where members want opinions from people who have children, or are into BDSM, or live together as triads, or are in Master/Slave relationships, or who live on a farm, or are members of 12-step programs, or are virgins, and so on. It's not a problem at all to want to hear from a certain demographic.

When I saw more experienced poly peeps respond, after you asked for input from newbies, I just thought I'd request clarification from you on who you wanted to hear from. Specificity and clarity always helps in communication, so I asked. That's all.

Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
That said, for the more experienced members with established partnerships, a thread about where they hoped to be in five years might have been somewhat anti-climactic, if the majority of answers were basically, "Pretty much where we are right now."
Oh, I don't know about that. People change and evolve and grow all the time, and even poly old-timers may not be where they want to be. As I've always been told, one built-in rule in setting up goals for oneself is that the goals can change at any time. We are never the same people we once were, and will never be the same person we are now.

Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
In your experienced opinion, should I contact a moderator to ask that this thread be moved from the general discussion area and integrated into an existing thread?
Up to you. If you want it to be for newbies, leave it. If you want it incorporated into another thread, request that. I only provided links to existing threads to let you know that similar topics were here if you wished to read more. It is always helpful to do a search before posting, and we love it when old threads get resurrected.
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