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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Are you only looking for input from people new to poly?

If you want to read what has already been written by members here about their poly ideals and dreams, there are a few existing threads to check out. Feel free to add your input to whichever thread you feel is appropriate:
Thank you for the links, nycindie.

While my goal was to get a conversation going with newer members, I was under the impression that the general discussion section was open to any and all members, new or established, to use freely. I wouldn't have thought that limiting the discussion in any way, including to only newer members, was either desirable or possible. Please allow me to clarify that I meant any attempt on my part to limit a discussion.

That said, for the more experienced members with established partnerships, a thread about where they hoped to be in five years might have been somewhat anti-climactic, if the majority of answers were basically, "Pretty much where we are right now."

In your experienced opinion, should I contact a moderator to ask that this thread be moved from the general discussion area and integrated into an existing thread?

Thanks for your help!

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