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As someone who can very easily live with a partner but hates the idea of a roomie (and I'm a STRONG extrovert, too!), I completely sympathize with Y. I doubt it's all about the TV or the cleaning, but I'm willing to bet that those are the tangible things he can point to and say, "I don't like that!"

What would I hate about having a roomie? A feeling that my home isn't MY home anymore (did you and Y live together before E came into the picture - a change like this can be extremely difficult to navigate)? Having to make concessions in a place that is supposed to be my 'safe place' or my cave. My partner doesn't trigger this "outsider in my own home" feeling, but a roommate situation does. Maybe that's the deal, but he doesn't have the words to say it?

If E doesn't want to be alone, can E find a roommate? Even if I *did* want a roomie, I couldn't imagine it being comfortable to live with one who didn't want ME around.

Good luck!

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