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Default Meet Giggles

The first night I actually had a little interaction with Giggles was about 2 weeks later. Nails' band was hosting a jam night and Giggles and Manson(the man we believed was her boyfriend at the time) came to the show. Nails had already talked to her and Manson the night of my meltdown but I did not. This night I didn't either, I was doing homework listening to the band and being rather anti-social. At some point I glanced up and saw Giggles was talking with the singer of the band who is a complete scumbag. I instantly felt protective of my Muse. (And yes that's how I viewed her) I looked around for Manson but he was nowhere to be found so I grabbed Nails instantly and said. "I don't know her but I want to smack her on the wrist and tell her "NO bad Kittie NO! You've talked to her go stop that NOW!"

Nails being Nails took it as an opportunity to cockblock scumbag and went right to it. There was an interaction between Nails and Giggles and then he came back over to me looking a little shocked. I was like "ok?? what did she say?"

Nails laughed and said. "She told me I was married it was none of my business!" I was shocked. A situation like that with any other woman in the bar would typically have led to flirting, they always glom onto his attention every chance they could but not Giggles, not my Muse, she put him in his place. Yep, think that was when I officially started crushing on her.

The next weekend they played near the beach in the opposite direction of where we first saw Giggles and much to my surprise she was there. She grabbed me at one point and said she wanted to show me something. Now when I'm drinking I am little Miss Life of the Party HOWEVER in real life I'm pretty shy. I was caught completely off guard first by her approach and then what she showed me. At some point during Jam night I had been taking pictures of the band and while I was taking pics of themůGiggles was taking pics of me. Err what? I know I turned bright red had no idea what to say and made some excuse about needing to pee. I avoided her the rest of the night. The next weekend the guys were playing close to home for Memorial Day. It was going to be a long weekend of them playing both Friday and Saturday and then a benefit on Sunday. Friday I decided my needs had to come before Nails' needs and I stayed home. I took a hot bath, did some reading and went to bed. When he came home he was telling me how there were girls topless in the pool and things got a little wild and he wanted me to come out the next night. Like normal I didn't care. I trust him, he was having fun, and topless girls are fun. The next night my sis in law asked me to watch movies with her, I thought about going to see Nails and decided instead to stay in and watch movies with her. About 10 my brother calls her saying he and my dad are heading to the bar to see the band. He called her again at about 10:15 and again at 10:30. Finally I just gave up told her to give me a minute get ready and we'd head to the bar because OBVIOUSLY they wanted us there.

Much to my surprise Giggles was there. Drunken Nails had failed to mention she had been there the night before and she was one of the Topless ladies. She kept grabbing me and trying to get me to dance but I am very awkward and it's just not my thing. The bar they were playing at was at a hotel and Giggles insisted we go swimming. The more tequila in my system and my no turned into a maybe turned into a yes. The night became a little foggy. I know at some point I was gushing over how beautiful she was and how she'd be a sexy plus sized model. I'm still not sure how it happened. All I know is there was a group of us in the shallow end of the pool one minute then suddenly it was just me and Giggles and she was kissing and I was kissing her back. It was thrilling! I broke away from her and instantly started glancing around for Nails for his reaction. He this look of complete shock on his face that broke away into a smile. That was my green light, my go for it. Giggles and I kept kissing, and things got pretty hot and heavy. I wanted Nails to join us but he was pretty much taking on the roll of deflector keeping other away from us.

It seemed like forever but finally it was just the three of us. We called him over to join and it was a frenzy of kissing and touching and well it was amazing. The sun was coming up before we drug ourselves out of the pool, deposited Giggles back in her hotel room, and started the silent walk to our truck both Nails and I not sure what to say. Finally he just said, "well that was different" we started laughing but we were both just too tired to talk about it. We went home, had amazing sex and went to sleep for a few hours before the benefit. Before we drifted off I said, "Are you ok?" He just answered my question with a question of, "Are you ok?" I started to think about it and we were both asleep before I could answer.
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