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Default Nails the Attention Whore

Nails is an attention whore. No really he is. He loves having people want him. Should I have mentioned at the beginning of that hes a musician? A bass player to be exact and not just a stand in the background and let the singer lead the band sorta bass player, oh no not Nails. Hes the in your face, low bass wearing, dropping the bass on girls, eye flirting, sexy smiling, get on the mic and say the most shocking shit anyone has ever said sorta bass player. Nails is my rock star.

He was in an original band when we met and he gave that up on his own when we had Stitch even though I begged him not to. It was a huge part of him and I was sad to see him let it go. So 3 years ago when he said he was joining a cover band I was all for it. I mean the man is a fing beast on stage! On top of it all, it gave us a chance to get out and do something. I mean kids were teenagers and could careless if we were around, mom in law could take care of herself, it was about time for us to start focusing on our own lives a little.

I started to loosen up and have a good time again. Women were throwing themselves at him left and right and my husband is the king of playing Rockstar so he played right into it. However far he pushed the envelope though, and trust me he pushed it, once he was off the stage it was "this is my wife the love of my life and the only woman for me". I never really cared, never really got jealous. I've always enjoyed when other women look at my man and see him how I do. I don't feel threatened or worried he'll leave. He loves me I love him so play all youd like.

This past February we moved out of his mother's and into our home. We started exploring again and our sex life bounced right back. I am just as giddy over him now as I was when we first got together and he says things to me that show he is the same way. That's why when I found a flirty text from someone who was not saved to his phone I got really confused. Now wait before you judge. I was not snooping. I'm not a saint and yes since then I have snooped but before that text it never occurred to me. We have a very open communication marriage when it comes to flirting so to have him not mention this...well it through me off.

Anyway, he was in the bathroom and asked me to text something to one of our friends. The mysterious text was right there up on the phone when I opened it. It read "Oh sexy you can always make me laugh." My heart stopped but I said nothing. I'm not typically not a jealous person, confused and hurt yes but a fly off the handle screaming and yelling type no never. I sent the text he had asked me to, logged the mysterious number to my memory banks, and went on about my business of getting ready for work.

I don't know why Poison was the first person to come to mind, maybe because she has had this way of popping in and out our lives over the years since he ended it with her but none the less I knew in my core it was here. I researched the number found out it was local, checked phone records over the last 6 months and found the number popping up here or there but nothing constant until recently. I still said nothing.
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