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It isn't that I'm not interested in Hockey. I am, remember I am "interested in everything." But I've never been interested enough to attend but one game or to watch the games on tv. Ditto a lot of other sports. I was on a plane once sitting next to a hockey player. I asked him a lot about the game. It was interesting to me.

That is one reason why I like the possibility of meeting people, dating and so forth. People have different interests. If I met someone who was interested in hockey, a fanatic, sweatshirt with logo, never miss a game fan, then I would learn a lot about hockey. It would be fun to share in their enthusiasm.

What are some of the things that you want to explore this year? I mean, how do you want to develop yourself? I think that I want to add in more music and become a player. I also want to have more awareness of the gifts I've been given, such as health. In other words, gratitude. What about you?
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