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Hi, I'm Ute from SE London. I label myself as bisexual for brevity but I imagine I don't need to tell most of you that sexuality is not always so easily categorised. Just a short while into perusing this forum and I saw a post by a member seeking advice and it was followed by a clear, concise and sensitive reply. I'm glad to be part of this community and I hope I can be as supportive and to become more adept at managing my own emotions and relationships.

So... in brief, I'm a 5'6'' white male with a love of reason (saltanas are nice too). I was once a very angry and warped individual but circumstance* has steered me on a path that I feel is far more propitious for all.

*What are we beyond the circumstantial? I see no reason to believe in free will so I don't and I'll not bang on about it here but if anyone wants to discuss it with me I'd be delighted. I'm always on the search for evidence for free will (though it has to be said, I'm perfectly content with there being none).

So I'm currently in a loving relationship with an adorable person I'll call Oni. I met her a couple of years ago whilst travelling Australia. We met up again on the other side and a few months down the line, we decided to move in together. I will avoid speaking for her but I am habitually open and honest (especially when it comes to relationships) and she has always known what I'm about. She has a similar philosophy and we have often talked about the possibility other relationships and possible issues that may arise.
We are currently open to others of either gender (although I think she would prefer another female atm and I'm easy either way). I'm also happy for her to persue other relationships that exclude me sexually and vice versa conditionally.

Apart from Oni, I've only ever really been in one other relationship that deserves the status. That was over 8 years of me being in a relationship with her and her being in a relationship with a fictitious man who looks and acts just like me but deep down is a monogamist. Anyway, you get the picture.

I am perhaps a little damaged but who isn't. I'm as honest and open as is practicable and my intent is good. I hate no one and I mean no one harm. I wish to live in a utopian society so I try to lead by example.

If anyone wishes to discuss with me the ins and outs of anything, ask me for advice or pick apart my philosophies please feel free.

I wish you all the best,

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