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It has gotten quiet around the baby topic by now. We are waiting for the things to come. I found a health insurance that would account for the costs for three tries of an artificial insemination. That would be a possibility as it seems. We will wait for the results of the next test.


Another topic to make up my mind about: Gossip.

I have been told that people talk about me. I was like “Yeah right, who would have the time to actually talk about me? About what really? I am not that social, I don't have many friends and I stay out of most things where ever I go. You are making things up.” It was a close friend from university who told me. He found it amusing. And offered to ask another friend of his who seems to belong to this'circle of insiders' who have enough time to wag their tongues about strangers. (= non-teaching staff of the 'history-corridor')

It was so unbelievable for me because I see my days at university as solitary and isolated. I don't interact much with others and have 3 or 4 friends, who I met during all those years. I like to keep to myself mostly. About what would they care to talk in regard to me?

Apparently I am feared … that sounds just ridiculous, every time I think about it But well, yes, I am scary, eerie even, quite weird as well, tend to discuss others into the ground, possess too much knowledge (in regard to my subjects – that's seemingly scary as well … ) and I have too positive relationships with my professors. And I have this special kind of 'aura' (whatever that means ...). Oh, and there is this thing with the men I talk about – apparently I have quite a lot of them, because normally the character traits I describe or talk about don't match each other, there have to be more than one. Maybe an ex and my current partner? Or am I cheating? Curious!

Honestly, I was flabbergasted Who the hell cares enough to spread this nonsense in their freetime? Maybe this is so astonishing because I would never think about doing something like that. Others don't wake my interest in that way. I don't have the time or energy to talk about someone I am not involved with. I don't notice them if they don't pique my interest. And the most curious thing to me is how they got the info about my partners … obviously I never talked to those people about it. Do they sit next to me, listen to my chatter with friends and spread what they understood or not? *sigh* so NOT my world.

Nothing to spend much time thinking about. But I found it kind of astonishing.
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