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Unhappy Really need advice... First time in Poly relationship... deeply confused...

Hey Ill just start of by saying I don't even know how I fell into this, you can say it just happened... i started working at a new job and thats where i met her... she was the first one to invite me to go out with the co-workers on her B-Day it was nice we clicked instantly... the second time we went out we kissed i mean it just happened... im still trying to see how i got into this but i cant pin point whe. it happened it just did... Me & her were happy and everything was ok... her man seemed ok with everything it was hard at first but then everything started falling apart... we went on a road trip & all hell broke loose when her man always telling her she showed way more attention to me then him... it was kinda true but thats because he lives with her n they are always together... me n her would always c each-other at work but we would never be intimate, it was against policy to date co-workers... so we never acted on it... we could only be intimate on the weekends... i ended up losing my job so we dont work together anymore... i only c her once a week & if her man is around she isnt intimate at all... we had a talk n she claims that her man was never in this situation so we had to take a step back & take it slow because we were moving to fast... now she isnt intimate with me, its always w/him so im feeling akward... im with her not with him and he wont allow her n me to be by ourselves or have time for us... last time i stayed @ her house i felt i shouldnt there... i asked her if she wanted i would just sleep over my friends house from now on & she denied the request... i dont know what to do... her man has made it clear that everything has to be done together... even intimacy but i dont want him like that... naybe with time i can but im not with him.... i was going to talk to him about this that its not right to be like this... they live together & have time alone together all the time & its only fair to give me n her the same option, we only c eachother once a week, its only fair.... yes i love her but im not happy at all... i dont want to make a dumb move because ive never been polyamorous before... everything was fine until the end of the road trip & me losing my job... im working a better job now and wonder was this just a one time thing... i really need some advice... thanx!!
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