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Default Tonight

So, I've been doing a lot of soul searching and came out to a friend I was sure wouldn't judge and be a good sounding board. That helped a lot. She was helpful with advice, and i am def going to be watchful that he has his own time away from the responsibilities of the home and enough time with me. Had a great convo with my husband today too, and he and I are definitely on the same page.

Tonight was my night to be with my gf, and it started off great. We were joking and laughing and just happy to be together. At one point she texted my husband, because she worries she's getting between us. I encouraged her to ask him anything and she did. He answered: "I am happy to have you in our lives" this made me so happy, as it was an impromptu exchange and confirmed that he is happy for me and cares for her because I love her.

However, her daughter was with her ex tonight-who is literally the cruelest SOB I have ever known. He really broke her heart and continues to treat her poorly. She was worried about her daughter and they texted back and forth for awhile and she ended up sad and in a bad mood. He said some awful things. I was happy to be there with her under any circumstance, even if just for a shoulder. But it concerns me that she is still hurting from those wounds. She definitely hasn't had a healthy relationship, and tends to let people treat her badly. The caretaker in me wants to fix it, but I know I can't and that is really hard. I also worry she's not getting what she needs, but won't voice that concern because she hasn't had that freedom before.
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