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I simply don't know what to do with myself in this situation.
On the other hand, it might be better if I took a step back and gave those two more room so that they might find their way back together now that they're confronted with such a big challenge.
How about taking a step back to look out for YOU? As well as reducing their load of burdens? It could behoove you to consider your own behavior in terms of lessening burdens / weight on their shoulders. The more relationships in the polymath, the higher the balancing act. In your chosen network there with all the lovers and metas and friends and exes kinda overlapping there -- you seem like you could be hitting polysaturation.

Could step off. Break up. Reduces the volume on some of the polymath tiers and their stresses. They are exponential, not additive. Because you DO love them, and want to reduce their suffering.

I wasn't in huge polymath config like the network you are in, but I had to break up with an ex because I did love him, he was struggling as a hinge, and to make it easier for him to decide? I bowed out. I hate it. But I hated him suffering more.

Could also choose to put your OWN oxygen mask on. You can't help anyone if you yourself are running ragged. You are responsible for looking after your own best healths -- mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health.

He doesn't seem to want that, and it would seem he's also not very keen on becoming a fathe
If he's not keen on becoming a father, he could not be riding bareback in the first place. That is not being responsible at all with his best healths or well being. If this is his habit ... it could behoove to consider choosing to keep better company for your lovers so you don't have to deal in shenanigans like this in future from an irresponsible lover.

I mean that kindly but firmly. NOBODY needs to be inviting crazy drama in their life.

I'm sorry you are struggling.

This is not fun to feel, but do your best to seek a clear, ethical path through this situation that doesn't compromise your own well being and good healths.

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