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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
How does this relate to poly? From what I have read poly folks are very into defending their sexuality, as well as the rights and terminology of people who are cis/pan/etc. However, when it comes to defending the rights or lingo of other groups, this is called personal preference. (A problem with disability for generations, unlike gays, it is regarded a "personal issue" on the person to solve).

I find this hypocritical, but it is the 'norm" and speaks to how mainstream the poly "culture" is in some ways. Being sensitive about one issue and naming another issue a personal problem, I think creates a division between minority groups who are all vying for attention.
You're right, it is a personal preference which rights one wants to defend and which right one doesn't feel the need to. Should it be like that? I don't know. Is it just like that? You bet it is.

People only defend what they know something about and that comes from experience. If someone has not experienced what it is like to be challenged by a disability then they are less likely to defend it. If they know someone who is they are far more likely to. If they are given information that makes sense to them and hear other people's stories about their experience and how they felt about their experiences then they are far more likely to defend someone also. That is how humans work. We all work like that.

Bridging the divide between minorities takes patience and useful, informative, civil, communication.... People that are poly, gay, trans, disabled, whatever, all have to learn this too. There is no "normal" person out there. Quite the opposite I think. We are all freaks and should be proud of it. Describing how that manifests in the world should be a source of pride not a reason to complain that people don't get us and they are in someway bad or wrong because they aren't defending us when we think they should be. They are just ill-informed or don't care. It shouldn't change our course in life to live and let live. If someone is ill-informed, educate. If they don't care, move on.... That's how I operate any way.
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