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This topic has come up before for some of us here. At least in part anyway. I have chimed in at least 3 times in the last fours years when people have used slang terms that they don't realize some find offensive. Specifically the word "retard" comes to mind. Or better yet, "fuck-tard."

While people have taken offense to my offense there has been nothing more that I can do except say my speel over and over again in the hopes that SOMEONE is moved to change their language or at least consider their audience.

I don't bother so much now as its rather time consuming to go on and on about how people feel when called "fag" or "retard" etc.... *insert hurtful words" and frankly, I get tired. I advocate on behalf of people with developmental and cogantive disabilities every day IRL. Doing it on line also is just too much some times.

I totally get your frustration and lack of patience nondy. However.... getting infractions while those who you are addressing don't, is not going to solve the problem. I think that its best to step away from the computer, plan what you are going to say and then say it in as calm and accepting a manner as possible... you never know who you are affecting. I believe that you are and will make changes by expressing the issue you have in a calm, informed, educated manner. Blowing a stack might also create change, but if you get banned from the forum then you will have done nothing.

I had a PM once from someone that read what I wrote month after I wrote it and thanked me for what I said. She had not thought of the terms I was objecting to as derogative and I had caused her to think. These threads last a very long time. Checking one's attitude and really thinking about what legacy you leave behind is, for me anyway, really important.

I want people to think because of my words, not react negatively because of how I present them. What is it you want nondy?
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