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Originally Posted by Moneypenny View Post
Theoretically, if I'm in a relationship with M and C and they aren't involved other than being really close friends, I know that is considered a Vee.

But if M and C and myself have threesomes together, isn't that more like triad behavior? Or is that still a Vee since they aren't necessarily doing anything sexual to each other, only to me.
This pretty much describes our situation exactly. I use the term Vee to describe it. I have seen one group here refer to their configuration as "sexual Vee, emotional triad." The terminology is only a short-cut - it has no meaning beside that. It's not as though there are different "rules" for Vee's vs. Triads - so if you think it is important (for some aspect of a discussion) to make that distinction that you do have threesomes, then go ahead and do that.

I find that, in discussions about sex on these forums, I do tend to make a point that while WE do engage in the occasional threesome (with me as the "center of attention" as the boys are straight), that group sex (of whatever number/variety) should not be considered any kind of requirement/norm for poly relationships in general. Nor is cohabitation (which is something else we do). Some poly relationships are "closed" (Poly-Fi), ours is "open" (each person could seek other partners if they so desired - for sex or for romance). Every config is different and shaped by it's participants.

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