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I am very sorry to hear of your pain. We had a bad break up with a man who was in a V with us and was also my male partners friend for many years. During and immediatley after the break up, I felt like the world was crushing me even though it was my idea to break up. 6 months removed, I am able to think of him fondly and am able to verbalize that I miss him at times. He did contact me three times after the break up via texting. I had to finally say enough is enough and said "thank you, goodbye." There has been no further contact. I support the idea of asking him to stop contacting you, at least for the time being to allow some perspective to emerge.
I am still not putting myself out there fully, but I am taking baby steps toward getting back into it again. Never stop walking on your chosen path!
Hopefully, that works for you and spares you and added pain. God speed in your healing process.
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