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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Yeah. I see what you mean. Though in terms of African American issues -- using the word crippled versus disabled it's more akin to calling someone nigger than calling them black or African American. Some people suggest that if you are part of the minority reclaiming a word like cripple, nigger or fag give people who are not part of the minority to use it.

Part of the issue is the educational system. No matter one's prejudice, most kids know who MLK is by 3rd grade, and college is loaded with information on feminism and gender studies (or many are). But disability studies is not taught anywhere.
You say yourself that disablity studies aren't taught and then in the same breath expect people to know that "cripple" is an insult (when you used it yourself in another thread). Educating us in a pleasant manner will go a lot further than attacking us when we get it wrong. People who are on the defensive tend to shut down and don't hear what you have to say at all.

I also don't quite understand what you hope to accomplish by getting infractions and getting yourself kicked off the board. Getting kicked off isn't going to help people to understand you or where you're coming from at all.
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