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I hesitate to add this for fear of straying off topic, but it an oft-repeated misconception that there are "plenty of kids waiting to be adopted." This was true decades ago, but not today. While technically true in the strictest sense, there are huge waiting lists for children under age 5 that are not disabled. Parenting a disabled child or an older child (who almost certainly has endured major trauma to be available for adoption) is not for the faint of heart - and is not something that should be encouraged to any woman simply because her baby-making parts don't function well.

Anyone, regardless of the state of their reproductive system, who has the desire and capacity to care for such children should absolutely pursue that path (and if you're not sure, try fostering. There is, quite unfortunately, a world of difference between "normal" children and those that have suffered abuse and neglect). But requiring IVF to reproduce and being such a gifted person are two unrelated features.
I am a tossed around adopted child and met my other brother not lucky to have grown up with as a child some oh 25 yrs ago since kept in touch only now growin closer however the brother i did grow up with wasnt anymore fortunate than I forced to remain behind while i experienced priveledge and not knowing one in the middle assumed for most our lives we were 6 yr apart hmmm y? then found the other puzzle piece ,as I said my big bro not as fortunate long story short he was murdered 95 i am not a firm believer in adoption too many of us are fucked the hell up on some level but each to their own ...Ie a child from another country war torn etc cool but genetics kicks in at some point and can u s say a white woman give a asian child their roots NOPE as no one could any us so ur theory may hold water for some being on both end not with me ! no offence intended but biology is our key then if as I said it doesnt work out I 'll buy more show cats an dogs an move forward as I am fortunate enuff to be restarting not beginning as said I have three grown ! so opinion noted , lol not accepted as they know the score and it would end at our try but the question was not to at all cost have but if we can can we do this our way?

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