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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
How does The Pidge feel about your man desires?
Your question reminded me of something Pidgie and I were talking about a few days ago. She commented that she felt good about my wanting to date a man, because there was no element of comparison or competition immediately apparent for her. She clearly can't be a man, and so she just can't give me that same experience, just as I can't give it to her. Neither of us wants the other to be denied a rich and satisfying life. Admittedly, since all of this is still in the early stages, it will take new turns as we go along, but right now it feels good.

We haven't discussed either of us wanting to date another woman. For her, she's been there, done that, and feels she's found the woman she wants in me. For me, it's a bit more complicated. I have never dated another woman other than The Pidge. The adjustments necessary to move from identifying as straight to identifying as bisexual at the age of 45 weren't effortless. The Pidge is so very worth that effort. I haven't ever met another woman I could say that about.
Still, it'd be interesting to run the topic past her and see what she says.

Thanks, M.O.D.!!
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