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Default Long distance

Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I have a 5 year Goal of "me, MC, and TGIB all living in the same town, everyone employed (if desired) and with me finished with my master's if I decide I want to get it." It's not really a Plan, per say. The plan changes as current circumstances change, in order to keep the Goal in sight.

But except for the bit about a master's degree, that's also my This Year Goal. And has been my goal for at least a year already. So...*shrug* no real poly plans except to have TGIB's and my relationship no longer be long distance, however and whenever that ends up happening!

Long distance relationships are always trickier, in my experience. Travel never seems to get cheaper, nor time more plentiful. I really hope that your goals come true for the three of you. And kudos to you for trying for a master's degree, that is a truly impressive goal!
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