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Default What do I want?

I started trying to imagine my ideal pen relationship. I so don't want it to sound foolish, and unrealistic, and yet....why can't I dream a little? Enjoy the journey, and look forward to what good things might come, before reality brings me back to earth.

As Pidge and I have always imagined him, T.S.G. is an awesome fellow. We call him that because in our very first conversations, we decided he'd be someone we loved so much we didn't mind when he left the seat up, and we fell in the bowl in the dark of night. At first, he was FitzChivalry from the Robin Hobb novels. He's also been Avery Brooks, the actor from Deep Space Nine. Most of all, he's Sir Patrick Stewart, the most perfect human male currently alive (in my opinion.) Sometimes he is Alan Rickman (picture Col. Brandon, not Severus Snape)

In real life? He's roughly the same age we are. He's not a Republican, probably. He is articulate, literate, possibly musical or artistic. He loves to cook, he loves to eat. He loves pets, and gardening. He's mellow, gentle, and caring. He's honest, and introspective. Hopefully, he has raised children earlier in his life.
He's funny, maybe sarcastic at times, but able to play with words and ideas to amuse himself and us. He's tall, or tall-ish. He's not bony.

Too much to ask for? Maybe. But please note I tried very hard to not decide ahead of time how he feels, the degrees of emotion he has for each of us, or the way the dynamic flows between the three of us. So much has to wait until we meet him, hear his thoughts, find out what would work for him.

This daydreaming is a pleasant way to pass the time.
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