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mono, as i have stated elsewhere on this forum, i have parental responsibility for my niece so this is not just theory for me either.

excluding some people from the poly community, or tightening up definitions of polyamory, is not going to protect anyone from inaccurate accusations.

if someone wants to make a malicious allegation against you they will, regardless of the word(s) you or any other person uses to describe your or their sex and/or love lives.

an unjust system which would judge someone's parenting ability based solely on the sex that person is having (presuming its consensual) needs to be fought against, not the people who are the victims of said prejudice.

not only for ethical reasons, but for the tactical ones i have previously described.

it is in your and your family's best interests that you understand this and get involved in the struggle for us all to have the sex and love lives we choose, and to be allowed to parent well regardless of our sex and love lives.

sorry, edited to add: in my not always very humble opinion!

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