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Originally Posted by amk View Post
I appreciate this advice, but I am not going a legal route right now. I can't pay the mortgage and all my bills by myself. My wife volunteered to pay 50% of all my bills and pay for her own apartment with what's left. She also agreed to watch my son on the nights I work so I don't have astromical amounts of childcare to pay (over 90 hours every two weeks). She is trying to make this easy on me in some ways.
I understand avoiding all the legal, I've just seen too many people get burned financially (and with custody), because they "never thought" their spouse would not pay their fair share or such. I admit I have a bit of a hair trigger on this and in most cases everyone tries their best. Just keep it in mind, do some research and keep your eyes open.

Maybe look for a roommate for the time she is gone, just to help cover some of the expenses, even if she is paying her share.

Couples only resort... Yeah, right choice to cancel. Too bad.

This is sad and I'm sorry your going through this. Be kind to yourself and I hope things can work out for you.
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