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Originally Posted by jmk View Post
i don't have a poor me attitude with this personal insight....just an aw shit moment...i am a very sarcastic human....and a request for insight on the idea of jealousy as a whole...
Well, I'll attempt to give some sort of answer, since noone else seems likely to.

I'm not sure if I fully read the situation right - have you had any kind of involvement with this girl before? And does she know of your interest?

My personal view is that in any relationship, in general honesty about feelings is best. Perhaps you could say to your partner 'I'm sorry for how I've been behaving towards's because I'm feeling jealous'...and explain why.

Sometimes when you shine light on fears (and often that's all jealousy is), you find they disappear. It's when you keep them locked away inside that they have room to fester and grow.
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