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Unhappy Pain and pragmatics

GalaGirl, thanks- there are certainly some things in there I needed to hear. I appreciate your perspective.

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Why can't you go alone? Now I understand not wanting to go alone and definitely not wanting to take your wife, but if I understand, this is for YOUR best friend's wedding. Why not shorten the trip and go by yourself to support your friend
I can't go on the trip alone or with my son because my best friend is getting married at a couples only adult resort. No children allowed. It sucks.

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I would suggest that when she takes off to "find herself", that you file for a "legal separation" and get custody issues for your son clearly defined in writing (even if you don't go through an attorney) to protect yourself and your son.
I appreciate this advice, but I am not going a legal route right now. I can't pay the mortgage and all my bills by myself. My wife volunteered to pay 50% of all my bills and pay for her own apartment with what's left. She also agreed to watch my son on the nights I work so I don't have astromical amounts of childcare to pay (over 90 hours every two weeks). She is trying to make this easy on me in some ways.

I believe she still cares about me. She sees what this is doing to me and she tries to comfort me within the limits of what she can handle. I have seen small glimmers of hope. She has even told me she knows she will never find another man who loves her like I do.

I don't even care if she cheats on me, I just want my baby to come home to me after all this. That makes me feel weak and like I am allowing myself to get punked and used...
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