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What Helo said.

As someone who also really prefers the written word and hates the awkward conversation, write a letter to get your thoughts and feelings out of your head. They are much easier to organize and sort through outside of your brain.

Then go talk to the cute boy. Yes, awkwardness. Not fun. But facing the awkward and talking anyway - no matter how strained or weird or ineptly - is a crucial life skill. (One I am still working on so you are far from alone!)

Plus I call poly the Land of Awkward Conversations. Shit never stops! Once you figure out how to explain poly to a newbie, then you have to talk over a situation with a metamour! Then your partner wigs out on NRE and you have to have the 'get your head back in the game' conversation. Then a metamour's metamour gets all weird and there are repercussions in your relationship and on and on.
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