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Default Disabilities

There was a discrepancy on my post about my son about whether it is OK to use crippled and so on. Almost no one defended the issue. And regard this as a matter of opinion.

Reading through the Trans thread - someone called referred to a "real woman" versus a trans woman. Other posters jumped to the rescue and chided him. So, I guess it is up to other posters to take up against "perceived prejudices."

Since disability rights in a new movement (30 years) and many people here are abled, but aware of gender issues, I shouldn't expect them to defend the issue.

How does this relate to poly? From what I have read poly folks are very into defending their sexuality, as well as the rights and terminology of people who are cis/pan/etc. However, when it comes to defending the rights or lingo of other groups, this is called personal preference. (A problem with disability for generations, unlike gays, it is regarded a "personal issue" on the person to solve).

I find this hypocritical, but it is the 'norm" and speaks to how mainstream the poly "culture" is in some ways. Being sensitive about one issue and naming another issue a personal problem, I think creates a division between minority groups who are all vying for attention. I saw this in inner-city high school students who were black, but put down Jewish people or Hispanics.

Due to all of this, I have been thinking of doing infactractions just so I get kicked off the board (which I am may anyway!) but I do find some conversations helpful.
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