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Originally Posted by dakid View Post

i hope i am right in thinking that there is no current threat to your custody of your son, and that this is highly unlikely in the future.

While there is perhaps no current threat to Redpepper's son..there is certainly the possibility of that changing based on the ideas and misinterpretations of those around us. And yes, sexual activities beyond the norm can definitely cause a great deal of issue with child protection where we live; especially when those activities are backed up by the concerns and aligations of other family members. Not to say that it could threaten actual custody, but certainly cause tremendous emotional and financial stress, not to mention family disintegration. Not choosing to use a huge umbrella word like polyamory is a safe choice. It's better to speak in clear descriptive terms of each relationship if there is more than yourselves at stake. I think there is more than one person with children on here that feel this way.

I'm fine with people including everything within the word polyamory. I just don't use it anymore except within the community itself.

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