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Default jealousy

my partner asked me why i feel the need to be such a bitch to his girlfriend. i am in an open relationship, so why do i feel the need to make her unhappy?

when we all met, she was in a lesbian monogamous relationship. i was interested in both her and her partner, but they weren't available for an open relationship. they broke up because her partner is toxic, and she was healing. i had hoped to let her heal for a few months and then let her know i was interested. she took matters in her own hands by being interested in HIM, and making moves on HIM.

how dare she switch sides, and want what i have, not me? therefore, the little girl in me who is jealous as hell that he has what i wanted makes me want to lash out. at her. and i would still be in a relationship with her if she wanted me. silly me. i don't know how to stop the feelings.
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