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Default Consider this.

A married Couple, and a bisexual women, They met as friends, like each other, and want to hang out more. So they continue meting as friends. Then one day the wife drinks enough alcohol to be brave, and she reaches out in a flirty way to the bi-friend. Hugging, kissing, and and generally being obviously flirty. This flirtyness, and the easy acceptance on both sides started a conversation between the wife, and the husband. And a separate conversation between the wife, and bi-friend. There was talk of meeting up as dating, and A question about the possibility of date as a group of three. The wife seems skeptical, but is willing to give it a try. Date nights get set up. And about once or twice a month all three meet up for dating. Sometime out at an event or a restaurant sometime for a dinner/movie evening at the married couples house.

After a 3 or 4 months of this type of dating, the wife decides she wants to push things to the next level. There has been no talk about safe sex practices, because that has not been on the table so far, and the wife still has some reservation, but still wants to move things forward. So the next visit from the girlfriend happens to be unplanned, but the wife's decision is made. She makes her move, sets up a senario that gets her what she wants. Her naked, and the husband, and girlfriend paying her special attention. Things are still not going very far, and the wife wants more. So she tells the Husband, and girlfriend that she wants more. They both join her in being naked, and things finally make it to the next place (after a very quick discussion about birth control). Now there are no longer just all dating, now they are all lovers.

Things continue in this way for another month or so, but with more frequent visits from the girlfriend. Then suddenly something happens that pushes everyone to be ready to move the girlfriend into the Married couples home. The girlfriend moves in, the wife still expresses some reservations, but also continues to say that she's willing to give poly a try. By the end of the first month the wife is no longer interested in a sexual relationship with the girlfriend, but the girlfriend is still interested. The husband stick by the wife, and has been given the impression that the wife is ok with sharing, so he attempts to continue a sexual intimate relationship with the girlfriend. The wife stops talking to the girlfriend as if she considers her a friend. When the girlfriend invites the wife out for shopping the wife choose to stay home with the husband. Eventually the girlfriend figures it out, and realize the wife isn't bi, isn't interested in her, and feel guilty for having attempted to continue a physical relationship with the wife when the wife did not want that.

The girlfriend attempts to offer the wife other type of intimate relationships so that both the wife and the girlfriend can continue to love the husband. First it's a suggestion to get the wife to talk about sexual things that she would like to share doing with the husband, but before the girlfriend can explain the wife cuts her off, and makes it very clear that this suggestion is not going any where. So the girlfriend trys to just be the wifes friend, but most of her friendly overtures are brushed aside. The girlfriend asks the wife to talk to her, to find a way that they can communicate. The wife agrees to try, but doesn't follow through before the girlfriend loose patients. So the girlfriend calls of the relationship which had not been physical in over a month with the wife.

Now the relationship between the Husband and Girlfriend is struggling, but the relationship between the wife and husband has turned weird. The girlfriend see it as dysfunctional, and unhealthy, but can't put her finger on why. The girlfriend trys to continue to have a relationship with the husband, and is given a lot of silent treatment from the wife. The girlfriend hears how the wife isn't comfortable talking to her, and that the wife doesn't like seeing her with the husband. But the girlfriend has invested a lot into having a relationship with the husband, so she keeps attempting to date him, but he is more and more distracted with the wife. He is spending more and more time coddling the wife, despite hearing from the girlfriend how this should not be happening.

What is your reaction to the above store. What should the wife do?
What should the husband do?
What should the girlfriend do?
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