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I've always been around the BDSM / D/s crowd for a while by virtue of having a...diverse circle of friends but it never really seemed like my thing. I have a difficult time with unequal treatment in almost any sense.

That said, my most recent ladyfriend asked if she could try being dominant with me (she's a sub with her bf) just for a change and I said sure, I'm usually defacto dom by virtue of being more experienced than most of my lovers (looong story) so I was curious. Found I liked that a lot more than I was expecting to...
I am as direct as a T-Rex with 'roid rage and about as subtle. It isn't intended to cause upset, I just prefer to talk plain. There are plenty of other people here who do the nice, polite thing much better than I can. I'm what you'd call a "problem dinner guest."
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