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Astador, understanding each person's needs and desires in a relationship like this and communicating them between everyone involved is, to me, a large part of making something like this work.

Let me play devil's advocate here, if I may...
You say "All I want is to make her happy" - if that is taken literally it sounds like you have no needs of your own over her being happy - you exist in life just to make her happy and it doesn't matter what she does because if she is happy, then you are. Is this the case?

If you had to make a list of your "bottom line" items - things that have to be in place for you to be happy and satisfied - what's on it? (you don't have to share that with us if you don't want to - I just want you to think about the answer).

Oh and a big welcome to the forum - I really hope you can find the answers, inspiration and community that you need!

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