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I imagine you did whatever you were going to do already but...
A week between dates too soon? "typical" mindsets would say that somebody wasn't that interested in you if they waited more than a week between dates.
Calling the night before? I hear you're supposed to turn people down if they call you last minute for dates Depends on how spontaneous people are, of course.

So if you didn't call but you're still trying to figure out what to do, I say channel that confidence you had last week - let her know you wanted to ask her out this week but didn't want her to feel pressured, and that you'd would like to see her on your next day off if she is available. I'd imagine it'd be good to keep this date as the same level as the last if you sense she's still debating what to do here... not to try to make it MORE romantic, or upgrade it to be longer with dinner and a datish ACTIVITY - if she's figuring out stuff, too much change MIGHT just be spooky to her.

That said, I have no idea what would work in your particular situation, but hopefully something in there is useful.
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