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OK, then I am confused again, and could use your help to sort this out, Ceoli.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
That's interesting because non-monogamy by definition includes swinging and polyamory doesn't.
Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
While people may have a foot in both worlds, it doesn't necessarily follow that both worlds have a clear divide.
To me, the first statement says to me that you believe that polyamory does not include swinging - a clear divide - 'one thing does not include another by definition', and the second that there is no clear divide. I am obviously missing something in my understanding of this.

[Edit to add:]
I guess what it comes down to is that things don't have to look or even be entirely alike to have things in common. The definitions are only speaking to the elements that these things have in common. In the case of polyamory, love and multiple relationships. It does not specifically exclude the things that we don't have in common (the weight of sex vs love, the nature of how the love manifests) for a good reason. Because then it would also start excluding the things that they do have in common. It's a great way to specifically exclude people from a community.
See, this makes a ton of sense to me - the distinction between saying "I'm not you and that's fine that we have differences and things in common" and "I am not you which makes us have nothing in common" - we should be looking for more things that we have in common between the various subcultures, rather than focusing on the differences.

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