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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
He may seem super dee dooper horny because he's gone without for so long. It's like starvation. If you don't get to eat enough for weeks, months, years on end, it gets to where all you can think about is food. Likewise with sex. If he's been deprived for years, he may become seemingly obsessed. Once he is on a regular diet he may feel satisfied with X number of times a week, after a while of gorging himself.
This! My poor boyfriend...

MrS and I have drastically different sex drives - he's fine with a few times a year. I'd like a few times a week. A couple of decades of this and I was full of "horny". Then Dude came along - my horny + NRE = lots of sex...initially. Once my "deprivation" had been assuaged... I was back to my "few times a week" and he is still a "few times a day" guy (we tease him that he needs a "morning girlfriend" - 'cause he likes "morning sex" and that is SOOOOO not on my radar - NOT a morning girl!)

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