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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Our situation is similar to yours I think.

We consider ourselves a MFM Vee (and there are a number here on this site) as my boys are best friends but aren't sexually/romantically involved (they are both relatively straight).

One bedroom house and we live together as "chosen family". In terms of family...Dude is presented as our "roommate" and "best friend" ... we are not "out" to our families but are sure that they have their suspicions (I'm sure they will figure it out eventually). Dude is invited to "family only" events - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc. - it still feels a little awkward at times but, so far, everyone has been very accomodating and avoided asking awkward questions (except my 6 year old nephew - who recently asked me if I had "two husbands").

You are not alone. I'll check out your link...

thx yep mine too best mates and all that ,luckily different country fr their fams but will come a time I'm more than sure lol
oh my site is really new so if ya visit do say anything!
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