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Originally Posted by constlady View Post
I feel fairly confident that should a court battle arise, I would end up prevailing, given the fact that I do have good resources to draw on and the fact that the kids are safe, happy, healthy and thriving.

That doesn't mean that the battle itself won't do damage, emotionally and financially at the very least.
The children involved really cannot be put through such a tumultuous event again.

Having experienced the reality that the agencies appointed to protect children don't always follow their own rules and that application of the rules and the determinations vary from caseworker to caseworker even within the same agency, I'd prefer not to have to fight the system again.

I also am aware that I do have resources available to me that others in my situation may not and without obtaining legal protection for all, any triumph I may have personally is small consolation to the larger problem.
i understand and i apologise for forgetting momentarily about the lack of public funding for legal representation in the united states. here i was able to access advice and representation at no cost to myself.

i also understand and agree strongly with your desire to protect the children from such stressful situations.

above all i salute your final paragraph, and hope that soon we as a community can unite as a community, and with other threatened communities, to defend ourselves from state interference in our private lives. what i mean is that we need to get together and fight for our right to have whatever sex and/or love lives we choose without the risk of children being taken from us where we are providing good care to those children.

i think we are tactically more likely to acheive this in unity, rather than trying to evict certain types of people/behaviour from our community. we cannot and never will be able to 100% control use of the word polyamorous whether or not we would want to. therefore our only hope, in terms of protecting our children and ourselves, is to defend our rights to a sex life of whatever kind we choose, provided it is based on informed consent.

until we have the right to be as kinky and as slutty as we want, even for those who don't want it, the rest of us will never be free from the risk of incorrect accusations.

i cannot thank you enough constlady for your willingness to respond to my words with patience and clarity.

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