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Hello, here is a bit of our bio to help people start communing on this page and or subject.

We met 3 yrs ago me being the wife now always knowing he now my husband... always had the fantasy to watch one he loved with another man. For sheer excitement and not to be confused with that cuckold sh...
When we met we got to being VERY personal in conversations on subjects such as these and when asked mine I said to be loved and adored by two men in one relationship. Laughingly I added younger and well built , my husband is a great build so I was teasing. Haha only for him to say I know someone who fits that. We moved into more serious discussion after we got married.
i knew of his best mate attractive very different and thought well fantasy could be achieved here.
So fantasy went off like firecrackers and was very enjoyable many times over. In that we moved to the idea of a 3 way / triad lifestyle.

okay so we decide this polyandry lifestyle we'll go ahead but, suddenly there were rules and regulations and boundaries put up before we began.
one was no kissing,no cuddling up to him the other one. then not same bed for regular sleeping, no falling in love with him or visa versa etc...
As time went on and I hadn't or we hadn't allowed him to move in things got hotter relations wise between us three. REMEMBER now they are best mate/friends not bi nor gay in anyway! So as they heat up restrictions begin to loosen.. He was having trouble with only one major item {love} Then realizing to put on these types of restrictions is to invite a most horrible monster called jealousy!!! We have since moved forward and he has many times said one cannot curtail the heart from doing what comes natural to it ,if having intimate relations on a very constant basis how does the emotional side stay neutral? in these discussions were never one or the other to feel self conscious of things like size ,body condition who has a six pack who doesnt. Come down to it its me that should haha feel self conscious I'm older than both given birth more than once ,my children are grown and top it off i have not one solid part anymore lol so that help way lay any of their body image thoughts.
Well It can't! I can no more keep another from falling in love with me than I could him! Nor could I keep me from falling for another if on those constant basis we are so extremely close.And honestly what is closer than making love to 2 people all the time?
We no longer have the rule separate rooms,separate bed , times shared, him having to ask hubby's permissions when wanting to be with me.

other things we ran into we thought could possibly be problematic, were say my birthday a holiday come up a gift given grander than his. Would it put him out or would he be okay because at the beginning we were struggling but the other was a little better off,he also was single therefore no other bills. Once we dealt with this it seemed a far easier decision to make than we'd have ever guessed to become a triad !

Now we've joined several communities online have yet to meet in person anyone and we seem to find as a majority bi women 1 man triads. so you have 2 females one guy. No prob there but we also run into polyamory people not solid 3 in one home 2 men one woman , or moreover metas.... So we are hoping to encourage those who are as a true POLYANDRY family not a partner here n there type POLYAMORY type family for our site. Not any prejudice nor any restriction love learning of all the poly's out there and we do mean all as we live and learn thru difference not indifference nor intolerance s in this life!!!!
So no matter your type of poly should we label it such please join in serious and to tell your fears,experiences hardships,how u came to be a poly and pleasures of your being poly.

No one shall judge and if found to do so shall be extremely quickly tossed on the online arses

so if you'd like to participate on our page pls feel free! here is where it is:
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