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We don't allow attacking of personal character, but we don't like ignorant know it alls.

You even contradict yourself in the same post. Good one. We should redefine the dictionary definition of ignorant to be 'does not agree with the angry scratchy cis-puss'.

I've given advice in 2 threads:

- I suggested poly might not be the best option for someone who seems be suffering misery from it. Do I need to be experienced in poly to see that? Don't think so.

- I suggested that a trans girl advertising herself as a cis-girl online has a duty of respect to inform any guys that she's going to meet that she is not a cis-girl. Not even related to poly. Just basic respect.

- in a third thread tonight I even said that I had nothing to offer the debate, and wanted just to commend the woman (sorry, cis-woman) who posted. The actions of a know it all?

Ever heard the phrase 'the world is your mirror'?

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