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Post Interested in everything

We ll, I'm sure that I'm not interested in everything. Point well taken. But I am interested in many things:

1) Travel: India, Prague, Indonesia, China, Budapest, Hungary, Mexico, Bali, Korea, Japan, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia and some others that I can't remember right now. I want to go to Russia (to the Hermitage Museum) and to Guatemala.
2) Dances of Universal Peace: I attend camps in Utah and Mexico and plan on going to Montana this year.
3) I like gardens. If you have a large, expensive, fancy house, I'll notice your trees and bushes before I pay much attention to your house.
4) I bought a travel trailer and like to camp in it. I'll do a lot of this in 2013.
5) If you like to search for arrowheads; are a great fan of country and western dancing; shoot arrows; play music and many other things, then these and others would be a welcome addition to my life.

I don't want to hunt, so you got me there. Would like to learn to cook though.
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