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Originally Posted by julie View Post
Thank you very much for the advice.

I did talk about it with boyfriend and he's not opposed to the idea, but he is also a bit perplexed on how it'd work in real life. We don't know anyone in a poly relationship and we live in rural and old-fashioned country, so it kind of feels like something out of a movie to him.

Boyfriend in potentia is a very kind and accepting person, but he comes from a very narrow-minded family, hence my reticence in telling him. It's not only awkwardness, I know it would come as a shock to him that this kind of relationship even exists. That doesn't mean that he would reject the idea right away, but I am sure it would take some time for him to fully accept it.
but he's already been in the room while u 2 had sex therefore his narrow minded upbringing/family is a misnomer he was thrilled by it and therefore to move one step further likely would not be a problem and as far as community they can guess gossip they would anyways... but a best bud movin in cutting expenses does not look odd just get a larger if needed apt/house etc... IE:2bdrms hv it look like a friend as a roomy situation if being out is a problem. I am lucky as we live in a whole other country fr their families so pretense is not a necessity here however upon visiting here I've left the being out or telling family up to my men
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