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Had a chat with Ella online. She's been busy, moving house, been away camping at a music festival. She recently received a letter that I'd sent to her last year, while travelling. It took ages and had been misdirected, so was a months-old rambling. Apparently she liked it. Specifically "it made her feel good" - interesting way of putting it I don't remember what I wrote. I think I was very sea-sick at the time and considering jumping ship.

Chatting was a relief. I felt like it had been ages since we chatted, but I just looked and it'd only been about two weeks. Hmm. Anyway, I told her that I wanted to keep in touch a wee bit more, if we could. She said she's sending me a letter soon. Okay, this is good.

At the end, I said "take care, love"
She said "I will. Love you"

The sudden warmth of the sun as a cloud moves.
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