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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Ok. Rewind.

In the post that started all of this, MOD admitted that he's new to poly and thus not an authority on the matter.

*hands out the salt*

I admit that I'm as guilty as any for jumping on semantics. But looking back with new comments as guidance, I don't think MOD meant "truly poly" in a judgemental or authoritative way. It seems that his belief that you can become rid of jealousy and insecurity was based more on idealism than experience. He's new to this and he's trying to understand how it all works. So let's give him the benefit of the doubt and take this as an educational opportunity rather than go down the semantics road.
Thank you for explaining this better than I did.

I think most people can understand the point I was making, which I will restate - if a way of life causes you to feel more negative feelings than another way of life, then the first way of life is possibly not for you. Unless of course, as the good cat stated, you are willing to try and work through your negative feelings and come out of the other side.

I don't know why it has to become a matter of jumping all over the 'truly poly' thing, which is obviously not meant to be a real term. It's clearly intended to mean 'consider if the poly way of life is something that you are truly suited to'.

I'm sure that the next thing will be to accuse me of calling poly a 'lifestyle choice' and jump all over that one...I'm ready for you, if that's your game

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
No, it isn't that. "What happens on here" is that it's your responsibility to say what you mean, not say one thing and then act like it shouldn't matter what you said when other people reply to it and ask what the hell you meant.

I, too, am curious what you mean by "truly poly", and I'm not even IN an argument with you already, so there's nothing for me to "win".

You won't "discover" much by being petulant, ManofDiscovery.
I can actually imagine you smugly saying that, completing your genius response by creating quote marks with the index and middle fingers of both hands.

I'm 'curious' why you would 'name' yourself 'boringguy'. I assume you were 'trying' to be 'ironic'.

As an aside - if you jump all over new members for incorrect use of terminology, general unrelated semantics issues and other stuff that is not relevant to the point they were making, they will end up getting frustrated and not coming back.

That may make you feel big and clever, and that nobody is infiltrating your 'tribe'...but it just means that the place becomes stale and no new ideas are allowed in.

I don't see what value you get in nitpicking stuff all the time. If I make a mistake with something then you may correct it...but if you can refrain from acting like 'I'm better than you because I know this and you don't'...that would be appreciated.
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