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Default Life Goes On

I'm house sitting this week, and reveling in the fact that it's only 5 blocks from work. Hooray for rolling out of bed at the last minute!

Typically, I take Kiddo to school in the morning, because Fly works early, and sometimes gets called in at 1 or 2 AM. However, since I'm house sitting so close to work, and have to sleep there because of the dog, I told him he's pretty much a single dad this week.

I have to admit, there's a part of me that is hoping that after this week, he'll appreciate me a little more and take me a little less for granted. It's nothing big, but it irritates me that he assumes I'm always available for him, and that I'll plan my life around his schedule.

Having a house to myself has been bliss for me! Moonlight came over Saturday night, bearing champagne and carrot cake. She spent the night, and we got to sleep in the next morning (except for letting the dog out at 7 AM). We went out for a leisurely breakfast, and then decided to go to the farmers market, since it was a rare sunny Seattle day. I asked if she minded if we stopped by my (actual) house, so I could grab some things I had forgotten to pack, and Moonlight freaked out a little bit. She knew that Fly's FWB (I think I will call her Notes) had spent the night, and worried that it would be awkward if she was still there. I, however, decided that it IS my home, and since Fly and I had no arrangement for me to stay away, there was no reason to be worried. Frankly, I wouldn't mind meeting her, but she is adamant that she doesn't want to meet me. I have a sneaking suspicion that it helps her maintain the illusion that Fly is her boyfriend, but that's his problem, not mine.

Anyhow, Notes wasn't there, and Moonlight and Fly enjoyed chatting while I gathered my stuff. I LOVE that they get along so well. She and I teased him gently about Notes, and discussed the Mariners, and he kissed her cheek goodbye when we left. The friendly interactions between them really give me warm fuzzies.

The farmers market was glorious, and then Moonlight and I parted ways for the day with sweet kisses in my driveway. I went to a play that my boss' daughters were in, and then returned to my house to BBQ salmon with Fly and Kiddo. It was a lovely mellow ending to the weekend.

However, when I made it back to the house sitting house, I found some pieces to Moonlight's CPAP machine that she had forgotten. Since she needs it to sleep, it turned out she just HAD to come spend another night with me. So, I got some bonus loving, and it was so hard to leave her to go to work this morning.

On Wednesday, I have Valentine's Day plans with Moonlight, and then will do Valentine's with Fly and Kiddo on Thursday. Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon will be spent at the beach with Moonlight for some romance, and then Wednesday is Fly's and my 7th anniversary. So many celebrations to enjoy this time of year!

There are times when I'm awestruck at how blessed I am with my partners, and sometimes it's hard to wrap my head around how my life is so abundant in love.

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