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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
To answer Raven and Ceoli... I guess I thought I had stated my opinion in other threads before but maybe not well enough. I find that the current trend includes sex too much for me, in that it spends far too much time including swinging, friends with benefits types of relationships and open relationships far more than makes me feel comfortable. There is a fine line there, that is true, its just farther to thr sex side than I feel comfortable with. To me the definition of poly includes more loving of many partners in the form of boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse kind of relationships such as our monogamous friends identify. To me there is a coming together of two lives (many in this case) in terms of care of children in some cases but an over all connection of lives. I guess I want people to look at our family and see that rather than who I fuck, in order to make a judgment. I just feel more comfortable in that.Especially in terms of how they see my son being raised.
redpepper i hope you don't me saying this (i respect your views i just don't entirely understand them). why is it that you are uncomfortable about including sex to the extent you describe? you have, it is true, repeatedly said that you don't like this (or words to that effect) but what i am not understanding and am curious about is why.

i could to some extet understand if the state was threatening to remove your child, because of your sexual activities, but i'd like to seperate any fear you may around that from your general discomfort with the thought that someone somewhere might think you are having more sex, or sex in different contexts, to that which you are having.

i hope i am right in thinking that there is no current threat to your custody of your son, and that this is highly unlikely in the future.

would you mind helping me to understand this by explaining further along the lines i have described?

thank you


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