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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
You: "growing up is highly over-rated."

Me: "even when it comes to communicating, it seems."

It's a little-known phenomenon called "dialogue".

Now would you please stop pretending to be stupid, because i know you are smart enough to follow the thread. It is obvious that my post was answering yours, even though i didn't quote it. You're not demonstrating anything by sarcastically telling me to explain myself. I wasn't using any unfamiliar specialized terminology incorrectly or otherwise. I think you're just doing this because you think i'm a dick and you want to give me a hard time back. Good luck with that.
You misunderstood. I was implying that your comment was also lacking in effective communication, in that you did not specify what was ineffective about my previous comment. Vagueness is just as ineffective as unfamiliar specialized terminology. Actually, more-so, because terminology can be looked-up whereas vagueness allows only guessing at the proper interpretation.

I wasn't being sarcastic. I genuinely don't understand what's wrong with my comment, aside from the fact that I regularly use "they" and "them" as gender-neutral singular pronouns, and that whenever I do, you seem to get irritated. But I do it consciously, because "he/she" is cumbersome and awkward, and "sie/hir" just sound stupid. I am aware that it is grammatically incorrect, but I make a conscious and deliberate choice to do it anyway.
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