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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I think when people attempt to make the distinctions mutually exclusive then there are problems.

There are poly people who swing and also have loving multiple relationships. If a poly person is also a swinger, I'm not going to assume that swinging defines their or my polyamory. It defines their swinging.
Ah gotcha - so if I understand you correctly you feel that polyamory and swinging are different, but that they are not mutually-exclusive (trying to paraphrase you to make sure I understand) when it comes to how people self-identify and that a person saying that they are poly and swingers is not a contradiction

Is that an accurate paraphrasing of what you are saying? If not, I would like you to help me refine this.

If that is what you are saying then I totally agree with you - I also know some people who have a foot in both worlds. This would be a relief for me, because I really though I was on a completely different page with you and others on here on this issue.

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