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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
The site has a very problematic section on adult/child sexuality; at one point, it is testified that a thirteen-year-old enjoyed his abuse.
This has always been a really difficult topic for us in general. Having raised 5 children ourselves, the necessity of being on guard for predators or others of bad intent was a prevailing reality.
But we also acknowledge the other side of reality - because we've been there too. We know when "we" became aware of our own sexuality (and yes it was prior to age 13 !) and began experimenting with it. We also know numerous others personally and have had these in-depth conversations on the topic.
I haven't read the article you speak of but have read hundreds of others - or books etc - dealing with the topic and can only say that we've come to the conclusion there's considerable damage currently being done to innocent people by the "moralists" in positions of power & influence and if allowed to go unchecked it will simply add to the distorted views too many people have about our natural sexuality in general.
It's not a small problem.
There's currently hundreds (maybe thousands?) of young men & women that have been charged with "crimes" based on an arbitrary age limit for sexual exploration and will now be faced with being labeled "predators" - dangers to society for the rest of their lives !
In a maybe slightly more extreme example I recall reading about not long ago, a young woman of 16 who was involved in a little orgy that included others of a variety of ages (up to mid 40s). Somehow the cat got out of the bag as it often does and her parents got wind of it and filed charges against all involved.
When it came court time the young lady stormed into the courtroom and declared to all that there was no coercion of ANY manner involved - that if anything it was largely HER idea and how can you DARE prosecute these friends !
Never-the-less, the prosecution did proceed and the supposed perpetrators convicted, sentenced and labeled.
This was especially poignant for us as we had certainly both been involved in very similar activities at similar ages and have nothing but fond memories. We also know numerous others who will testify to the same.
So unfortunately, at least to us, this like so many other things is one of those grey areas that needs to be looked at on a case by case basis. Blind morality leads to blind justice.

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