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Hi NY- my comments were ABSOLUTELY NOT directed at you. I appreciate your comment and am sorry I didn't acknowledge it.

SC: This comment was also not directed at you. That would be stupid! You have a step daughter...I did think your comment about someone thinking it's up to other people (trans people) to educate children versus their parents was way off base. As a person with a disability, I have had to deal with that shit all my life because parents (and other people) do not acknowledge disability as a minority.

I need some clarification to go on on the board. Is prejudice allowed here? I feel that there have been very prejudicial things about people with disabilities said here and I have been accused of pushing an agenda. I absolutely DO NOT MEAN TO..I just want CLARIFICATION.So, if people say something like being gay or trans or black would be my worse nightmare that would be OK and considered an opinion? We are allowed to use fag or nigger? Only is the person of that orientation uses it first?

What about liar and cheater? I noticed in the discussions there is not empathy for people who cheat or if someone lies ONCe it's ok to a label them a lier?

Honestly, I thought the board was supposed to be safe for people of genders -ect, but it seems that prejudice is merely put in the category of '"opinion" and speaking to it is "pushing an adenda.
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