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UtahPolyCouple: Pleasure meeting you as well!

kdt26417: Thank you for the welcome and thank you for the forum. My children are aware of our situation. It was leaked by my husband before I was ready but none the less they know. At first they were very distant and we even had a big family talk full of worries and tears that this was the end of mom and dad but we've worked through it. They are both very accepting of Giggles, who has too daughters of her own age 14 and 17. Her daughters are amazing and the husband and I have grown attached to them.

As for seeing giggles it's been pretty much two to three weekends a month over the last 9 months with sprinklings of her through out the week here and there for dinner or a concert. We have had our rough patches and yes there was a temp break up for about a month back in September to October but we worked through it.
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