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Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
Grounded Spirit, when I first began to wrestle with reconciling the will of God with my interest in polyamory, the last thing I needed was someone disparaging my church ("first and foremost a political organization"; "their own agenda to pursue"). And there's a reason for that.
Hi Jasmine,

Well, I'm sorry if that hit a tender spot with you. All I can offer - and this is something I constantly remind myself of and try to stay connected to - is this.
Whenever I find myself in/leaning towards a defensive posture over anything short of a physical threat, I immediately try to identify what belief it is I hold that seems threatened and try to analyze what it would mean if that belief turned out to be a false - or maybe incomplete - one. (we have lots of them) This way I find I learn more and the communication becomes clearer with the assumed threaten-er.
I would chose not to debate any of your beliefs with you but acknowledge that you have the freedom to believe as you feel best as long as it harms none.
That's really all I have to offer.

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